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How to Build a List People Pay to Join!


Since your internet business is established to make a profit it only makes sense to discover how to build a list while earning an income at the same time. When marketing on the internet it is widely recommended to accumulate an email list of people who have already visited your site. Since the conversion rates for squeeze pages are typically low how about adding ‘value’ to your offer? By doing so you can not only increase your conversion rates which will increase by selling a nominally low priced product? In this way you will not only build a list faster but you can also get paid at the same time. In addition, the quality of the folks who sign up will be higher insofar as being more targeted


Would You Build A Shed Or Buy A Shed?


how to build a shed.comIn the time when we are buying lots of gadgets and gizmo’s we are filling up the house and garden so we look at other options for storage. Many people turn to building a shed, because it gives much more storage space that is in the garden. Building a shed is quite simple but you have to think about everything that is involved in the build.

You will need to conciser if you are any good with tools and have the free time available to take on the task of building a shed. If you build one from scratch you will have to do all the measuring, hammering, cutting and drilling.

If you like designing and building things you could decide to build a shed that is perfectly suited to cater for all your needs. This will fill you with a sense of accomplishment and great pride in that you built it. However if you are not so good with tools then you shed could end up be a disaster. Even if you get it constructed it might be too unstable to put anything in it.

To make sure that you don’t construct a hazard , even if you start from scratch, will be to buy a garden shed plan first. Buying a garden shed design will give you the option to choose between several different design that you like or will suit your needs. You will still have to build the shed on your own but you will have well drawn, accurate design to work from which will help ensure something that looks good and is a hazard free zone.

A different way to building a shed will be to buy a shed kit. These shed kits come with all the materials you need to build your own garden shed. These is also a easy to follow step by step guide that will help you build it.

Building a shed with a kit will give you more flexibility when it comes to design options too. You can build a bungalow or cottage style shed from scratch, but the work does involved a lot more attention to detail, and you might have to wait a bit for the certain part to be order. But by building your garden shed from a kit, will give you all the pieces at once as they are all sent together. This allows you to get on and build the shed with out the hassle of waiting for parts or having to re-cut any thing if you made a mistake because it is all done for you in the kit.

Building your own shed from a kit can have all sorts of designs, shapes and materials. You can have vinyl kits, wooden kits and metal kits. Each will have there benefits and drawbacks. But each will look unique. So when it come down to building your own shed you have almost an unlimited supply of designs and options to choose from, it just depends on your level of expertise when you want how to build a shed with corrugated iron build a shed.


GE CEO Jeff Immelt interview


Mike Nudelman / Business Insider

When Jeff Immelt became the CEO of General Electric in 2001, he was following Jack Welch, one of the late-20th century’s most prominent corporate leaders. Just days after he took over the corner office, the US was attacked on September 11. Then came the financial crisis and the Great Recession.

During his tenure, Immelt has fundamentally reshaped GE, shedding businesses and reversing a century of conglomeration. I asked him about all that when we sat down at our IGNITION 2015

Henry Blodget:
I read an article recently that said that after 14 years at the helm, you have finally remade GE and made it your own. So what is that?

Jeff Immelt:
In 2001, GE was just a classic conglomerate: financial services, media, industrial.
I always had an idea to maybe make the company more focused on those things that I thought we were best at, and that’s a high-tech, manufacturing-based, global product and service enterprise. And that’s what we are today.

We’re the world’s biggest infrastructure technology company. We more or less had this vision 10 or 15 years ago, but certainly the financial crisis accelerated some of the activities along those lines.

If you had the vision 15 years ago, why did it take so long?

With a company our size it’s always steps and transitions you make over time. Early on, we started exiting some of the pieces of financial services, some of the more commodity businesses, like plastics, and things like that. And the idea we had was to do this over a relatively long period of time, keep the earnings power in place but transition the pieces as time goes on, and again this wasn’t just for GE, but for the world.

The biggest impediment – or let’s say the biggest challenge and opportunity – was the financial crisis, which in many ways affected anybody that was in financial services the day Lehman Brothers went bankrupt. The whole world got re-rated, and so that in some ways made it slower than we wanted it to be but in some ways made us even more determined to get to the point we